What is the best way to make a cup of tea? Readers discuss

To celebrate National Tea Day on April 21, we asked our readers on Facebook ‘what is the perfect way to make a cup of tea?’ and we received a lot of interesting responses.

Vanessa Browning has a sweet tooth, share said: “Strong one, with sugar and plenty of them.”

Chris Harries’ method is a crime against humanity: “I put the milk in first.”

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Ann Boot keeps it simple: “Red tea for me, no milk or sugar.”

It sounds like Jane Ridsdill’s uncle had the best job ever, she said: “My uncle was a tea taster and he always said milk last.”

Loraine White shared two valuable methods: “If it is poured from a teapot then milk goes first, but if the tea bag is in the cup then always pour milk after.”

We must try Jamie Lynam’s recipe: “23 sugars, two pints of milk, rip the tea bag open and top it up with pond water. Perfect!”

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Caroline Bebbington likes it like this: “No milk at all! Nice black Earl Grey in a china mug.”

Rachel Hardwick has it the old-fashioned way: “Leaf tea in an infuser teapot, no milk or sugar.”

No sugar for Adam Milford: “Black with two sweeteners.”

Roy Dear always has round two ready: “Should be made in a pot and brewed for five minutes. Put milk and sugar in the cup then pour on the tea. Drink, then pour another.”

A pint of tea is enough for Katie Swaby: “Loose leaf, strong, milk no sugar, in a pint mug.”

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