The Pheasant Inn temporarily closed for repairs

Martin and Julie Crane left the 400-year-old pub after their tenure of three-and-a-half years as landlords.

Patrons gave the Cranes a send-off on the evening of Tuesday, May 16 and wished them luck at their new venture at The Crown in Devizes, which has been closed since April 2022.

The Pheasant Inn has been a pub for more than 300 years. The building previously served as the meeting place for the shoemakers’ guild after they acquired it in 1638.

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The Journal spoke with Martin in February about the history of the building and what it feels like to work in such a historic pub.

Martin said: “You come down and think, well, someone was standing on this spot 300 years ago, or near here doing exactly what I was doing. You get that feeling of history.”

Martin added that the building “comes with its own ghosts.”

Stonegate Group, which owns The Pheasant Inn, did not specify when the pub would reopen.

Exterior wear on the 17th Century building is visible and Stonegate said repair works are needed before reopening under the new publicans.

A spokesperson for the pub holding company said: “The Pheasant Inn is temporarily closed whilst some repair works and improvements to this lovely community pub are carried out. Our new publicans will be reopening the pub shortly and look forward to welcoming guests old and new.”

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