Salisbury Escape Rooms to open new game Escape From Space

An “out of this world” experience awaits teams in Salisbury as a new escape room game opens in Salisbury.

Escape From Space opens on Friday, July 15 at Salisbury Escape Rooms second site in Catherine Street.

Games master Maisie Anderson says the team is “very excited” to have the new game opening and see the vision for it finally realised.

Discussions of ideas and themes for the second game started in August last year with a space theme coming out as the frontrunner.

“We pitched a whole bunch of ideas. Some of them might be turned into rooms,” explained Maisie who says video games and films, and even TV show Red Dwarf provided a lot of inspiration for the look of the new game.

This is the latest game to be rolled out by Salisbury Escape Rooms, which runs Death at the Lab at its other site in Fisherton Street.

Maisie says Escape From Space is a “completely different world” compared to Death at the Lab which is “grounded in reality” with real life references as players turn detective and follow the clues and evidence to track down the murderer.

Maisie hopes the new game will bring a “new sense of adventure” for players.

The game has been put through its paces during a period of testing with players trying out the puzzles and challenges before it is opened to the wider public.

But so far, Maisie says the feedback has been really positive with people loving the setting and narrative.

She said: “It is something out of this world. There is now a spaceship in the middle of Salisbury. You can expect a completely unique experience that you can’t get anywhere else.”

Bringing the game to life has been a labour of love for the team. There are already ideas for the next escape room game but they will be waiting a while before coming up with the next challenge.

“It has definitely been fun overall,” said Maisie who has been able to experience the whole game coming together from the initial vision to the final result.

“We are going to have a nice long gap between this one and the next.”

“To have this second location and this amazing game it will hopefully bring an awful lot of enjoyment especially having it ready for the summer,” she added.

“It has been a long journey but we are coming to the end now which is very fulfilling. I’ll be very happy when we get people in playing and experiencing it.”

Bookings are now open. For more information visit:


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