BARBARA Hepworth’s sculpture returns from the Netherlands

A SCULPTURE weighing 2.5 tonnes has arrived back in Salisbury after being on loan to the Rijksmuseum Gardens in the Netherlands. 

In April 2022, the sculpture had to be lifted from its position on the Cathedral’s Cloister Garth over the Cloister wall into the Cathedral Works Yard, taken by a tractor and flatbed out of the close and on its return, it had to be transported through Bishop Wordsworth school. 

Bishop Wordsworth’s school bursar, Barry Smith said: “The beautiful medieval buildings of the Cathedral Close were obviously not built for modern vehicles! 

“At the School, we are always happy to help our friends in the Cathedral if they need to bring large deliveries through our grounds because they cannot fit through the medieval archways.”

Salisbury Journal: Image: Bishop Wordsworth SchoolImage: Bishop Wordsworth School (Image: Bishop Wordsworth School)

The ninth annual sculpture exhibition is devoted to the British sculptor and there are three sculptures. The other two are in the United States.

BARBARA Hepworth’s sculpture Construction (Crucifixion) was gifted to Salisbury Cathedral in 1969, then loaned to Portsmouth Cathedral from 1988 – 1997 and to Winchester Cathedral from 1997 – 2017 when it returned to Salisbury. 

The Dean of Salisbury, the Very Revd. Nicholas Papadopulos said previously: “There is something quite awe-inspiring seeing this compelling 12ft high sculpture soaring through the air with the Cathedral Spire behind it.”

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