Wiltshire for Ukraine: Meet the Polish woman in charge of donations

The woman behind the Wiltshire for Ukraine Facebook page has said that “help is needed now” in England, after co-ordinating 1,017 boxes of donations.

Magdalena Najman, 37, from Teffont Magna, says she is liaising to send donations in the next few days to Poland to help the refugees.

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Magdalena is from Poland and her family has already taken in two refugee mothers and their children.

“My parents are helping to settle down and find schools for the children,” she said.

Magdalena said of the situation in Poland: “There’s plenty of help. People are trying to get together and find help for everyone.

“But Poland cannot cope with what’s happening. Everyone is trying their best to help.

“Help is needed and it is needed now, and it is all good taking goods, but people will need other things and schools and accommodation in England – and that is hopefully the next chapter.”

For now, collecting donations has paused at Five Rivers Health and Wellbeing Centre and the Nadder Centre, Tisbury, while she works out her next steps: “I am going to Poland in a week’s time to meet refugees and see what the situation is like in Poland and see what we can do to help them from the UK, and discuss what their biggest need is.”

To join the Wiltshire for Ukraine Facebook group, to keep up to date with efforts, click here.

Today we launch our fundraising campaign to help the victims of this war. Please join us: www.justgiving.com/fundraising/therewithukraine

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For more information visit  https://donate.redcross.org.uk/appeal/disaster-fund Charity Registration No. Eng/Wales 220949,Scot SC037738, IOM 0752, Jers430

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