Where you can get petrol and diesel today (Tuesday) in Salisbury

While the Government and industry experts say shortages are coming to an end, petrol station forecourts have still been affected in and around Salisbury.

This weekend, chairman of the Petrol Retailers Association (PRA) Brian Madderson said that there are still “severe shortages” in some parts of the country.

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While the crisis was “virtually at an end” in Scotland, the North and the Midlands, more than one in five stations in London and the South East were out of fuel.

Here is our list of where petrol and diesel has been available today in Salisbury and the surrounding areas.

Where fuel is available

  • Shell, Wilton Road, Salisbury
  • Co-Op Service Station, Solstice Park, Amesbury
  • High Post Petrol Station, A345
  • Amesbury Filling Station
  • Stonehenge Filling Station, High Street, Winterbourne Stoke (running low)
  • Esso, Riverside, Warminster Road, Salisbury (20 litre limit)
  • Fordingbridge Service Station (no E5)
  • BP, Downton Road, Salisbury (no diesel)
  • BP, London Road, Salisbury (no diesel)
  • Tesco, Southampton Road, Salisbury (no diesel)

Where fuel is not available

  • BP, Wilton Road, Salisbury
  • Esso, Southampton Road, Salisbury
  • Shell, Waitrose, Salisbury

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