The Vanner Gallery set to open in Salisbury city centre

A new contemporary art gallery is soon to open near Salisbury Cathedral.

The Vanner Gallery is opening on Friday, September 17 with its launch exhibition, ‘CONNECT: people, art and place’.

Located at 45 High Street, just outside the main entrance to the Cathedral Close, the first showcase will focus on the idea of connection as the world restarts after the Covid pandemic, and people emerge from living constrained and separate lives.

The exhibition includes contemporary art and made objects to examine how we process times of adversity and uncertainty.

Curator and artist, Prudence Maltby, said the exhibition is about “art giving shape to cultural change” and “putting a seemingly eclectic body of work together in one space, and stimulating synergy and dialogue between the included pieces”.

Director David Christie, who previously worked in corporate communications, has transformed the original space into a gallery, work which has taken weeks.

David, having lived in Salisbury for years, wants the gallery to be an investment into the city.

David said: “I am fond of Salisbury and I had the chance to make a change with the pandemic.

“We have a vibrant art scene here, with Wiltshire Creative, and the cathedral has a great history with art.

“I can’t wait until we open. Prudence Maltby is a fantastic curator and former artist in her own right, and I hope The Vanner Gallery plays a part in Salisbury’s regeneration and recovery.

“We want to be part of the next phase of what’s going on in Salisbury and display all sorts of contemporary artists.”

The space will be Salisbury’s first gallery to use guest curators for exhibition programmes, featuring works for sale from regional, national and international artists and makers.

The Vanner Gallery takes its name from the city itself, dating back to when medieval Salisbury was laid out on a grid system of ‘Chequers’.

Vanner’s Chequer – bordered by Bedwin Street, Greencroft Street, Salt Lane and St Edmund’s Church Street – was named after Richard Vanner, Master of the Tailor’s Guild in 1669.

The Chequer can be found on William Naish’s 1716 map of Salisbury.

CONNECT: people, art and place will run until December 24.





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