The Dusty Apron to open its first bakery café in Salisbury

A new bakery café is opening in Salisbury city centre.

The Dusty Apron has for years appeared as a stall in Salisbury’s markets, but now is opening its first premises for an independent café in Winchester Street.

It will take over the site where Naked Bagel was, a few doors down from McDonald’s, before it moved to Market Square.

Marcus Sherar, 34, started The Dusty Apron a few years ago, as a sideline to his career as a professional chef.

He said it was the success of this business that caused him to quit his job: “I had been working as a chef for years all over Europe. I stepped away from that life because I had enough of working the hours. I got a family and a child. I wanted to be my own boss and do my own thing.

“When I first started The Dusty Apron, I used to do market stalls, with a lot of fresh bread, but the brownies took off the most, so I ended up just focusing on the brownies.

“When the first lockdown hit last year, the business got so busy that I quit my actual job to do this full-time.”

As a former chef at The Stones Hotel, he wants the café to focus on home-made brownies, cakes, cookies, grilled sandwiches and freshly baked sausage rolls.

Marcus is currently transforming the inside of the building in preparation for opening, which he hopes will happen mid-August.

He said the decor is inspired by his favourite film, Chef, which is about a professional chef who quits his restaurant job to travel around America with a food truck, selling simple food with great ingredients.

The café will use signage from Tisbury-based lettering business Artful Charlie, who is also doing the signage for the new Naked Bagel premises.

The new dad adds that his favourite item on the menu is his caramel Biscoff brownie, and he wants to offer great, fresh filter coffee – “based on the American model” – available quickly and priced at £1 a cup.

The Dusty Apron also offers vegan and gluten-free options.


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