Some Salisbury Reds buses not running due to staff shortages

Salisbury Reds has warned that some of its services “won’t run” from midday today (Wednesday December 22).

The bus company says that “some” R1 journeys are being impacted by staff shortages this afternoon.

The R1 service runs from Salisbury District Hospital to Bemerton Heath via the city centre.

The website says that the services that will not run are: 12.08 (Salisbury-Hospital), 12.17 (Hosp-Sby), 12.40 (Sby-Bemerton), 12.53 (Bem-Sby), 13.23 (Sby-Hosp), 13.32 (Hosp-Sby), 13.55 (Sby-Bem), 14.08 (Bem-Sby), 14.38 (Sby-Hosp) and 14.47.

Salisbury Reds tweeted this morning: “From midday, some journeys on the R1 service won’t run due to the continuing staff shortage issues that we’re experiencing.

“Please accept our apologies, we are working as hard as we can to run timetabled services.

“Please check our website and app for up to date information.”

Staff shortages have been affecting the company for the last two or so months, with timetables on some services suffering temporary cuts.

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Passengers have also described waiting ‘hours on end’ for Salisbury Reds buses to arrive.

Alex Chutter, Salisbury Reds general manager, responded to this by saying that the Covid pandemic has put “a considerable strain” on businesses and services.

He said: “Our previously high levels of service have been compromised in more recent times, and for this I apologise.

“We are doing all we can to minimise any disruption, which is the result of a number of factors impacting our industry, and a number of others, at the moment. We currently have a shortage of drivers, and we are actively recruiting and training prospective colleagues in order to mitigate this issue.”

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