Salisbury Reds bus diverted due to ‘thrown object’

A Salisbury Reds bus had to be diverted yesterday (Thursday, August 26) after an object was thrown at the vehicle.

An R1 bus was diverted in Bemerton Heath yesterday, but the service is back to normal today.

A spokesperson for the bus company said: “Salisbury Reds has reported the incident to the police and the team is working closely with the authorities as they carry out their investigations.”

Salisbury Reds says this incident is ‘exactly the same as before’, as it is not the first time that one of their buses has been vandalised in Bemerton Heath.

Incidents of vandalism were reported on Wednesday last week (August 18), and earlier this year on April 13 and 15, all of which occurred on St Michael’s Road in Bemerton Heath.

Wiltshire Police has been contacted for comment on this latest incident.



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