Salisbury candidates for the Wiltshire Council elections

THE Salisbury candidates standing to be elected to Wiltshire Council next month have been released.

Unitary, town and parish, and police and crime commissioner elections all take place on Thursday, May 6.

A full list of candidates standing for election to Salisbury City Council can be found here.

Wiltshire Council local authority area is divided into 98 areas known as divisions and each is represented by one Councillor.

All 98 seats will become vacant for May 2021 elections.

The nominations are:

Bemerton Heath:

  • Ed Rimmer – Conservative
  • James Doyle – Green
  • Richard Johnson – Lib Dem
  • Caroline Corbin – Labour

Fisherton and Bemerton Village:

  • Jeremy Nettle – Conservative
  • Alex Raws – Green
  • Harry Ashcroft – Lib Dem
  • Ricky Rogers – Labour
  • Pat Conlon – UK Independence Party

Harnham East:

  • Sven Hocking – Conservative
  • Ian Dixon – Green
  • Greg Condliffe – Lib Dem
  • Ian Tomes – Labour

Harnham West:

  • Bently Cresswell – Conservative
  • Sarah Prinsloo – Green
  • Frances Howard – Independent
  • Brian Dalton – Lib Dem
  • Colin Skelton – Labour


  • Charles McGrath – Conservative
  • Sara Taylor – Green
  • Alan Bayliss – Lib Dem
  • Frances West – Labour

St Edmund’s:

  • Atiqul Hoque – Conservative
  • Rick Page – Green
  • Paul Sample – Lib Dem
  • Finbarr Sheehan – Labour

St Francis and Stratford:

  • Mark McClelland – Conservative
  • Richard Bolton – Green
  • Julian Ellis – Lib Dem
  • John Wells – Labour

St Paul’s:

  • Mary Webb – Conservative
  • Cathy Thomas – Green
  • Samuel Charleston – Lib Dem
  • Paul Clegg – Labour

Keep an eye on the Journal website over the coming days and weeks for everything you need to know about the election and its results.

For more information and to see the councillors standing in parishes such as Alderbury, Amesbury, and Downton etc, click here.

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