Salisbury and district planning applications

APPLICATIONS for development from Wiltshire Council (South) received in the week ending July 31.

20/05886/FUL, Mr and Mrs Sherring, 1 Loveridge Lane Amesbury Wiltshire SP4 7FY. Proposed rear solid roof conservatory.


20/05528/FUL, Mr Peter Symonds, Land adjoining Dormers Southampton Road Petersfinger SP5 3DB. Use of land for the siting of a mobile catering van (A5 use) for a temporary period of 1 year.


20/05382/FUL, Mr John Underhill, Unit 1 Batten Road Downton SP5 3HU. Erect portal frame extension to existing building.


20/05885/FUL, Mr and Mrs Ben White, The Old Forge Duck Street Ebbesbourne Wake Salisbury Wiltshire SP5 5JN. Conversion of existing garage and store to ancillary accommodation and construct new timber store.


20/05562/FUL, Mr & Mrs Bonner, 145 East Gomeldon Road Gomeldon Salisbury Wiltshire SP4 6NB. Demolition of single garage, construction of extension to north elevation of bungalow and construction of annexe in place of garage.


20/05724/FUL, Mr and Mrs Rapp, Halton Highfield Lane Woodfalls SP5 2NG. First floor extension over garage and widening of garage.


20/05711/FUL, Mr & Mrs Alastair McBain, Prebendal House Stratford Road Stratford Sub Castle SP1 3LL. Remove low built flint wall and build a new wall in blockwork with a lime mortar render and tile capping. Extend the wall to the site boundary to the south. Construct brickwork gate piers with ironwork gate.

20/05729/FUL, Mr Heatley, 26 Moberly Road Salisbury SP1 3BY. Ground floor side and rear extension and first floor rear extension (resubmission of 19/04660/FUL).


20/05726/FUL, Ms Hannah Matsuka, Wessex Bourne Salisbury Road Shrewton SP3 4HZ. Loft conversion with rear dormer making good previous non-compliant conversion.


20/05768/FUL, Mr J Tremlett, Chicksgrove Manor Chicksgrove Road Tisbury SP3 6NA. Repair & rebuild section of garden wall.


20/05093/FUL, Mrs Henrietta Cockrell, Clock House The Avenue Tisbury Salisbury Wiltshire SP3 6JG. Repairs to main roof of building.


20/05561/FUL, Mr D Sawyer, Sarnia Mill Lane Middle Winterslow Salisbury Wiltshire SP5 1PX. Demolition of existing dwelling and outbuilding, redevelopment of site for 2 detached dwellings. Re-use of existing access and formation of new access (resubmission of 20/02675/FUL).

20/05655/FUL, Mr and Mrs Reid, Glencoe House Gunville Road Winterslow SP5 1PP. Replacement and enlargement of existing conservatory to rear of property.


20/05375/FUL, Trevor Baird, Hill View Boreland Hill Upper Woodford SP4 6PE. Demolition of existing 50 sqm barn (already approved for conversion to C3 dwelling 19/05539/PNCOU) and replacement with a c.62 sqm C3 new dwelling, 2 car parking spaces, hard and soft landscaping, extension to existing dropped kerb, access and tarmac drive.

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