Proposals to ban parking outside Laverstock schools

Laverstock Parish Council is proposing to ban parking on Church Road, outside three secondary schools and a primary school.

Waiting restrictions are being suggested for the street in the village, near St Andrews Primary School, Wyvern College, St Edmund’s Girls School and St Joseph’s Catholic School.

The Parish Council have been part of a working group, along with representatives from the Laverstock schools and Wiltshire Council, and draft plans have been produced by Wiltshire Highways Officers.

Concerns raised include poor traffic flow, pollution and dangerous driving in the arrival and departure of 2,000 students through the village.

The proposal is for a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ), with entry and exit signs, along Church Road from just before the start of Bishops Mead to the Green.

Along the whole zone, there would be a no waiting restriction between 2pm and 4pm, meaning that cars would not be able to wait in the area in that period.

There would be new double yellow lines at the entrances to Elm Close, the Bishopdown Path and Bishops Mead, protecting parking either on Church Road or just into these roads at any time.

The parish council is welcoming feedback from local residents. To give your views, fill out the survey by clicking here.

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