More pictures of Salisbury’s lockdown babies

FEATURED in this week’s edition of lockdown babies are these 15 newborns who came into the world during the coronavirus pandemic.

Enjoy these pictures, submitted by their families, which will be printed in this week’s paper.

Salisbury Journal: Alexander Edward James WoolleyAlexander Edward James Woolley

Alexander Edward James Woolley

Born at home in Salisbury on May 2, weighing 8lbs 1/2oz.

His mum Carmel Woolley said: “On the 2nd May I woke up to contraction pains. I thought they would go but they got stronger and stronger.

“I was already having a home birth and so I gave the maternity unit a call and because my midwife wasn’t working that day they called her to let her know it was happening. She was here within 30 minutes and Alexander was born just 2.5 hours later at 2.51pm.

“Because of lockdown we couldn’t get childcare easily to look after our other two sons and so in the end our son Thomas was in the room when Alexander was born! It was magical and we were all so in love.”

Salisbury Journal: Grayson SattaGrayson Satta

Grayson Satta

Born at Salisbury District Hospital on May 19, weighing 8lbs 4oz.

His mum Cherrie Satta, from Tidworth, said: “I can’t thank the Salisbury team enough from midwives to the team who looked after us on the ward. We had everything we needed, we were well cared for and a cheery face to help while alone in hospital really softened the blow.”

Salisbury Journal: Ruby Louise NealRuby Louise Neal

Ruby Louise Neal

Born at Salisbury District Hospital on April 5, weighing 7lbs 7oz.

Her mum Marie Neal, from Wilton, said: “I was five days over due date. My waters broke and I was told to go for a nice long walk around the hospital. 1hr 30 mins later I returned getting some strong contractions and the next thing I knew I was pushing.

“I felt well cared for and looked after considering all that was going on in the world. I was home three hours later.”

Salisbury Journal: Everly-Mae ColesEverly-Mae Coles

Everly-Mae Coles

Born at Salisbury District Hospital on April 27, weighing 7lbs 4oz.

Her mum Tayler Adler, from Amesbury, said: “The birth itself was amazing, all the staff were brilliant, they were all friendly and went above and beyond to make the experience the best it possibly could be in the current circumstances, especially my student midwife Amy Sullivan who was case loading me.

“Amy was there from my first booking appointment to all my hospital admissions and was always a text or call away if I had any worries. Amy also delivered Everly and we still keep in contact now!”

Salisbury Journal: Mac YorkshireMac Yorkshire

Mac Yorkshire

Born at Salisbury District Hospital on May 15, weighing 8lbs 4oz.

His mum Nancy Yorkshire, from Larkhill, said: “I was induced on the Thursday due to reduced movements, but the birth ended in emergency c-section on the Friday because of a cord prolapse.

“I was in such a state of panic and seeing everyone in all the PPE made it all more slightly strange. But the midwives and surgical team were fantastic. Amy and Claire were my midwives during this scary time and I just want to say a special thank you.

“Thank you for keeping me so calm in such a hectic situation, but also thank you for the safe arrival of my little pandemic baby! What a year to be born!”

Salisbury Journal: Ada-Rose RileyAda-Rose Riley

Ada-Rose Riley

Born at Salisbury District Hospital on May 25, weighing 7lbs 13oz.

Her mum Rosie Foulkes, from Wimborne St Giles, said: “I was in labour for 24 hours before we finally made our way to Salisbury Hospital after my waters broke whilst out on a (socially distanced) walk with my mum around the village.

“When I arrived at hospital my partner had to wait in the car park until I was checked to see how dilated I was. The wait at home paid off as he was allowed straight in and our beautiful little girl was born naturally two hours later.

“The staff at the hospital were absolutely brilliant. We had a student nurse called Abbey who stayed with us the whole time, she was so professional and reassuring throughout.”

Salisbury Journal: Amelia WoodhouseAmelia Woodhouse

Amelia Woodhouse

Born at Salisbury District Hospital on April 20, weighing 7lbs 6oz.

Her mum Maria, from Tidworth, said: “Due to restrictions all staff were wearing full PPE at all times and the amount of time husband got to stay after the arrival of his daughter was limited due to limited visiting hours.

“At six weeks Amelia was found to have hip displacement which meant being fitted with a hip harness to wear 24/7 for the next 5 months, and having to attend Salisbury Hospital Hip Clinic every Wednesday for a scan.

“With Covid-19 still being a concern only one parent is allowed into hospital with her while she attends and receives diagnosis and treatment.”

Salisbury Journal: Jaxon James Bryan Marsh MclarenJaxon James Bryan Marsh Mclaren

Jaxon James Bryan Marsh Mclaren

Born at Salisbury District Hospital on April 25, weighing 8lbs 8oz.

His mum Jody Mclaren, from Orcheston, said: “My waters broke at 9.20pm, contractions came fast and furious. I raced to the hospital with my mum as I was only allowed one person, dad watched on Facetime.

“I got my water birth and I survived on gas and air, within only 18 minutes of pushing Jaxon arrived at 1.58am.”

Salisbury Journal: Odin SafeOdin Safe

Odin Safe

Born at Salisbury District Hospital on May 2, weighing 7lbs 8oz.

His mum Kirsty Safe, from Ludgershall, said: “We were induced at 38+2 as I developed gestational diabetes very late on. I went in at 8am and my husband wasn’t allowed to join me until I was in established labour. I was incredibly blessed to have a super amazing midwife who really helped with this, Jase was able to join me at approximately 3pm and Odin was finally born at 11.24pm, we were able to stay together for about 30 minutes before Jase had to leave and I was taken to the ward.”

Salisbury Journal: Skye Block with her mum Stacey, dad Sean and siblings Zayn, Lola, and ArchieSkye Block with her mum Stacey, dad Sean and siblings Zayn, Lola, and Archie

Skye Block

Born at Salisbury District Hospital on April 20, weighing 6lbs 11oz.

Her mum Stacey Block, from Salisbury, said: “Being pregnant in lockdown was very emotional. Not knowing what was happening due to the rules changing, not knowing what will happen when it was time to give birth, generally feeling very worried about the whole situation.

“Skye entered the world early and was born at 36 weeks, thankfully she was super healthy and all was fine.

“Our midwife Naomi was absolutely brilliant and we can’t thank her enough! Once we arrived at the hospital I knew straight away I was in safe hands.”

Salisbury Journal: Evie BurtEvie Burt

Evie Burt

Born at Salisbury District Hospital on March 30, weighing 6lbs 8oz.

Her mum Emily Finn, from Tisbury, said: “After a night of pain at 36 weeks we went into hospital at 3am expecting midwives to send us home again after baby monitoring. We were worried about attending hospital due to Covid-19 risks, and Jeff had to stay in the car keeping in contact via text only.

“At 6am I was told to get ready for theatre because the baby was breech and stuck! Midwives telephoned Jeff in the carpark and he came rushing to get scrubs on for the birth.

“Just after 8.20am Evie arrived with a cry. We were able to stay together for a few hours in a sideroom before partners needed to leave due to new lockdown rules.”

Salisbury Journal: Maia Amie ThompsonMaia Amie Thompson

Maia Amie Thompson

Born at Salisbury District Hospital on April 2, weighing 7lbs 6oz.

Her mum Sophie McDonnell, from Bemerton Heath, said: “It was a very scary experience especially with my partner not being able to stay after labour.

“Lockdown has been very lonely with little support from the normal health visitors but I know they are doing their best under the circumstances. I feel very sad that she hasn’t been able to bond with her grandparents and other family members but I’m sure when this is over they will make up for lost time and it will be a story we tell for years to come that our daughter will never forget.”

Salisbury Journal: Phoebe-Rose TonksPhoebe-Rose Tonks

Phoebe-Rose Tonks

Born at Salisbury District Hospital on May 2, weighing 7lbs 15oz.

Her mum Melanie Sainsbury, from Redlynch, said: “Due to coronavirus I spent three days on the labour ward being induced on my own with just the midwives and doctors for company. I couldn’t have any visitors during this time including my partner. It wasn’t easy hearing your loved ones on the phone knowing they couldn’t visit and be with me.

“As soon as I went into active labour and my waters finally broke, my partner was contacted and could come in to be with me for the birth of our baby girl. After 18 hours of being in labour our little bundle of joy Phoebe-Rose was born. The NHS midwives and doctors were superb in caring for me and my baby. I’m grateful for everything they did, even bringing me in extra chocolate to cheer me up when being induced.”

Salisbury Journal: Jasper EnglandJasper England

Jasper England

Born at Salisbury District Hospital on April 2, weighing 5lbs 12oz.

His mum |Roma Pipe, from Salisbury, said: “It was very very strange due to the lockdown rules, but I think that when you’re pregnant and about to go into labour, you have already prepared yourself to expect the unexpected. The worst part of it all was being alone in the delivery room for 24 hours after being induced.”

Salisbury Journal: Shubman Pradeep MadaanShubman Pradeep Madaan

Shubman Pradeep Madaan

Born at Salisbury District Hospital on May 20, weighing 6lbs 15oz.

His mum Emma Madaan, from Salisbury, said: “We decided to have a surprise and not find out the gender so all through pregnancy we called the bump Mini Madaan. As first time parents we were extra nervous about labour especially with Covid but we’re so very grateful to all wonderful midwives we have seen. Especially Amy who delivered our gorgeous baby boy.

“Each midwife did an amazing job to reassure us and keep us safe. We’ve had a great experience from start to finish.”

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