Kingfish Takeaway, Durrington, given top food hygiene rating

The Kingfish takeaway – Bulford Road in Durrington went through its follow-up inspection on Tuesday, October 31 and was awarded a five out of five.

The Journal was told previously that the initial poor rating was due to missing paperwork and that at the time of the inspection the business was just opening up.

Kingfish manager, Memz Annak said: “We didn’t know how important the paperwork was.

“On the previous inspection, we were also told we needed to change a part of the kitchen as the wall was not flat so we have put  a whole new stainless steel kitchen in. It’s very nice.”

Brothers run the KingFish Takeaway in Durrington (Image: Memz Annak)


The latest inspection awarded the takeaway as ‘good’ for hygienic food handling which includes preparation, cooking, reheating, cooling, and storage. It awarded a ‘very good’ for the cleanliness and conditions which includes layout, ventilation, and hand washing.

The takeaway was awarded a ‘very good’ in respect of system or checks ensuring food sold or served is safe to eat and that staff know about food safety.

Memz Annak added: “We had the same inspector, and now we have a five out of five. It is a big relief. A weight off my mind.”

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