Flooding in Salisbury Exeter Street underpass interferes with school run, says parent

A concerned Salisbury parent has complained of a poorly-designed underpass that puts children at risk on their way to school.

One St Osmund’s Catholic Primary School parent said that the entire passage, under the Exeter Street roundabout near Churchill Gardens, floods at the slightest bit of rainfall.

The parent, who wishes to remain anonymous, said that children going to the primary school would have to “get their feet wet” on the first day of the school term this week.

The parent added: “Every time it rains a little, it floods the entire passage, making it impossible for children going to St Osmund’s Catholic School to pass.

“Many parents when see this problem must turn back and go around the roundabout.

“They waste the time and take a huge risk with children to pass the very busy Exeter Street.”

They add that they have not yet reported the issue to Wiltshire Council.

A spokesperson from St Osmund’s School said: “We will monitor this issue with our parents as we have heard nothing regarding this to date.”



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