Esso, BP, and Tesco: The petrol shortages in Salisbury

Petrol stations in and around Salisbury have been experiencing fuel shortages.

Yesterday (September 23), amid national shortages, Tesco dismissed reports of fuel shortages in their Southampton Road station.

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The BP garage on Wilton Road, Salisbury, said this morning (Friday, September 24) that it was “completely out” of fuel, and has had many deliveries postponed, as the station is not deemed a priority.

LIVE UPDATES as queues build up at petrol stations in Salisbury

The BP petrol station on Downton Road reported not having ultimate unleaded or diesel, but they do have ultimate diesel and normal unleaded.

London Road’s BP station only has unleaded E10 or diesel.

The Esso New Sarum service station on Southampton Road is out of diesel but still has unleaded.


‘Carry on as normal’

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has said motorists should “carry on as normal” and not panic-buy petrol, after BP was forced to close a handful of its forecourts due to shortages.

He told Sky News: “The advice would be to carry on as normal, and that is what BP is saying as well.”


Motorways to be prioritised

A spokesperson for BP said that the company is working hard with its haulier company to minimise any affected sites and quickly restore fuel stocks, which is a 24-hour, 7 days a week operation.

The situation is changing all the time as deliveries are made, and so they are unable to give a list of sites affected as it would only be current at that moment.

The company is prioritising the deliveries to key sites such as motorway service stations.

The spokesperson said: We are experiencing some fuel supply issues at some of our retail sites in the UK and unfortunately have therefore seen a handful of sites temporarily close due to a lack of both unleaded and diesel grades. 

“These have been caused by some delays in the supply chain which has been impacted by the industry-wide driver shortages across the UK and there are many actions being taken to address the issue.

“We continue to work with our haulier supplier to minimise any future disruption and to ensure efficient and effective deliveries to serve our customers. 

“We are prioritising deliveries to motorway service areas, major trunk roads and sites with largest demand and seeking to minimise the duration of stock outs.  

“We apologise for any inconvenience caused.” 

Euro Garages, the company that owns and operates Esso on Southampton Road, has been contacted for comment.


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