Empty shelves spotted in Salisbury supermarkets amid UK shortages

Empty shelves have been spotted in Salisbury supermarkets amid national shortages.

Some Journal readers have reported noticeable gaps on shelves and freezers in Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose.

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This comes as shoppers up and down the UK have been left frustrated at a shortage of food, with blame being placed on the ‘pingdemic’, worker shortages and Brexit.

Supermarket chains have reportedly removed entire aisles to hide shortages.

One reader said: “I went in all the supermarkets yesterday and there were a number of things I couldn’t get including flavoured water. The shelves were bare.”

Another said: “Co-op Amesbury on Boscombe Hill haven’t had milk every time we’ve been in.

“Shelves are looking very empty compared to normal.”

Another added: “Tesco, Aldi and Lidl all have empty shelves. Some things haven’t been in for over a week.”

However, others have been saying that they haven’t seen empty shelves in the city: “Went to Lidl today and shelves full and nothing out of stock”, said one.

Another reader said: “Haven’t been anywhere where the shelves are empty.”


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