Cancellation of some Salisbury Reds bus services

A NUMBER of bus services have been cancelled today (Sunday March 20) due to an “ongoing driver shortage” and “high levels” of Covid related absence. 

The Salisbury Reds website says: “Several journeys on routes R1, R2, R3, R5, R6, R7, R10, R11, X4 and Activ8 are likely not to run today due to the ongoing driver shortage unaided by high levels of covid related absence. Please check individual routes for details.

“We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused.”


The bus operator’s website says that R1 journeys will not be running today on the following:

  • 9.40am from New Canal to Bemerton Heath
  • 9. 51am from Bemerton Heath
  • 10.23am from Hospital
  • 10.51am from Bemerton Heath.

Active 8

The 10.30am from Andover will not be running.


The 3.32pm service from the City Centre and return from Bishopdown at 3.38pm will not be running. 


The following journeys on the R5 will not be running:

  • 1.05pm from City Centre
  • 1.14pm from West Harnham


The following journeys on the R6 will not be running:

  • 10.45am from City Centre
  • 10.53am from Laverstock


These journeys will not be running on the following:

  • 10.10am from City Centre
  • 10.25am from St Peter’s Place


R11 will not be running these services:

  • 1.35pm from City Centre 
  • 1.45pm from Old Sarum.


The X4 journeys that will not be running are:

  • 1.30pm from Salisbury 
  • 2.20pm from Larkhill

For more information or to check your route go to the Salisbury Reds website

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