Annabelle’s litter picking mission to raise funds for Stars Appeal

A LITTLE girl from Salisbury has been spending her summer holidays cleaning the city’s streets to raise money the Stars Appeal.

Annabelle Fletcher, aged five, has been litter picking around Salisbury to support the doctors and nurses fighting the pandemic.

Her mum Lizzie Fletcher, 35, said: “She’s seen a lot of changes with the pandemic and she was a bit confused, she started asking questions about the NHS, what it was, why some children were going to school and some weren’t and then one day we were sat around the table and she said ‘I want to raise money for the NHS’”.

Keen to support her desire to contribute, Lizzie and her husband Rob, who are both key workers, suggested she could do some litter picking.

Starting from the area near her house in East Gomeldon, the Gomeldon Primary School pupil has since gone on to clean streets in Porton and Winterbourne as well as Victoria Park.

“Last week we did London Road which was interesting,” added Lizzie, who works as a teacher.

“There was so much traffic and people were waving at her, giving her thumps up, it was lovely and it gave her a big boost.”

Among the items of rubbish picked up so far are plastic gloves, tin cans and food wrappers.

Initially, the family had set a target of £100 but having reached that in just 24 hours, Annabelle is now hoping to raise £750. She is currently at £560.

“We really want to thank everyone who have donated already, it’s really surprised us how quickly it’s taken off and how many people have been so kind and donated to us.”

Some of her friends are now wanting to do the same in their communities, which Lizzie says “is just superb”.

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